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Hearthstone Esports: Live Betting, Amazing Odds, Stats, & Breaking News!

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What Is Hearthstone?

Hearthstone was released in 2014 and developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Hearthstone has just under 5 million monthly active players and a wide range of exciting tournaments throughout the year. Keep a close eye on Glory, Monsanto, and Jarla who are some of the top competitors on the planet.

Hearthstone is a unique esport as it is a digital card game based on the Warcraft series. The goal of the game is to kill your opponent's card character. This esport is famous for its complex strategy and takes a lifetime to master.

What Are the Most Popular Hearthstone Bets You Can Make?

Hearthstone is the perfect esport to bet on due to the wide range of available bet types. These bet types have some of the best Hearthstone betting odds:

● Moneyline - Bet on your favorite Hearthstone player to win a match. For example, bet on Glory to crush Jarla.

● Over/under - Guess whether GGBet’s prediction for a particular Hearthstone statistic is either too high or too high.

● Live betting - Bet Hearthstone esports games in the middle of the action as they are being played.

● Futures - Bet on your favorite player to win an elite tournament. For example, bet on Monsanto to win the World Championships.

Easily bet on Hearthstone games at GGBet and take advantage of over 20 different bet types right now!

How to Make First Hearthstone Esports Bet?

Making your first Hearthstone esports bet at GGBet is fast and simple. To get started follow these easy steps:

1. Sign up to GGBet

2. Make a deposit

3. Tap on Hearthstone

4. Select a Hearthstone tournament or match

5. Pick a bet type

6. Enter your bet amount

7. Confirm your bet

Hearthstone may be a complicated esport but luckily Hearthstone betting isn’t! Simply predict which player is going to win a match and if your prediction is right your winnings are instantly sent to your betting account. To improve your chances of winning take the extra time to research your bet. We recommend watching some previous matches of both players, figuring out their strategies, and analyzing some match stats!

What Are the Best Hearthstone Tournaments to Bet On?

Hearthstone has a thriving esports scene filled with exciting international tournaments. Here are some top tournaments you can stream and bet on at GGBet:

● Masters Tour

● Grandmasters Tour

● Masters Summer Championship

● Masters Fall Championship

Create your GGBet account right now and bet on Hearthstone nearly daily tournaments. Don’t forget to claim your welcome bonus and watch the matches live in HD!