Call of Duty Betting

Why Bet on Call of Duty Games at GGBet?

GGBet has HD live streams and extensive betting markets for all major Call of Duty tournaments! Create your account in less than 5 minutes, deposit instantly and take advantage of our market-beating odds now!

What Is Call of Duty?

Call of Duty is one of the most famous first-person shooters in the world! The game is set in different time periods and is famous for its ultra-realistic graphics, unrelenting action, and well-designed shooting mechanics. In Call of Duty, players use a variety of weapons to battle against each other in hopes of being the last player standing.

What Call of Duty Bet Types Are Available at GGBet?

GGBet has over 20 different Call of Duty bet types! Here are some of our hottest COD betting markets:

● Match winner - Predict which team will win the match

● Futures - Bet on your favorite team to win a tournament

● First kill - Predict which player or team will get the first kill

● Parlay - Merge 2 or more Call of Duty bets into one betting slip and enjoy combined odds

● Most kills - Bet on a particular player or team to score the most kills in a match

Call of Duty gambling at GGBet never stops! There are daily games and you can bet on every aspect of a match!

How to Make Your First Call of Duty Bet?

Call of Duty betting is a great way to elevate your esports viewing to the next level while also giving yourself a chance to win cash! Follow these steps to get started:

1. Sign up to GGBet

2. Add funds to your account

3. Select Call of Duty

4. Click on a Call of Duty match

5. Choose a bet type

6. Enter your bet amount

7. Confirm your bet

Call of Duty betting is all about predicting match results and or particular game stats. You can make your first bet in under 5 minutes! Before you get started, remember to watch some previous matches and analyze some game stats so you know who are the top-performing teams. Doing a bit of extra research will improve your win rate significantly!

What Are the Best Call of Duty Tournaments Can You Bet On?

Did you know Call Of Duty has over 80 million active monthly players? Call of Duty also has a thriving esports tournament scene with prize pools often reaching 7 figures. Here are some of the most Call of Duty tournaments which always offer incredible betting opportunities:

● COD League Playoffs

● COD League Major

● COD Challengers

● World Series of Warzone

Where can you bet on Call of Duty League matches and stream them live? At GGBet, you can create an account in under 5 minutes, claim your welcome bonus and start betting today!